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The latest list of Hungarian restaurants included in the Michelin Guide in 2023

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If you want a truly amazing gastronomic experience, you should book a table at one of Hungary's Michelin Guide restaurants. Luckily, you can do this in more and more places around Hungary. 

In 2023, seventy-five Hungarian restaurants are on the Michelin Guide Hungary list: 28 are located in Budapest and 47 in cities, towns and villages outside the capital. No stars were lost this year. All the establishments that had them, kept them. But no new stars were awarded either, although Villa Kabala in Szigliget entered the restaurant guide with a green star.

Quick summary

There was no change compared to 2022. Hungary has two two-star restaurants and seven one-star establishments, but the guide now features seven (one new one) Bib Gourmand restaurants and 59 other recommended restaurants, with 14 of the latter being newcomers. This year, not four, but five restaurants received a Michelin green star for their commitment to sustainability.

Two stars twice

Platán Gourmet in Tata and Stand in Budapest retained their two Michelin star awards in 2023. You probably remember that it was a huge sensation last year that the restaurant in Tata immediately debuted with two stars in the Hungarian Michelin guide, which was expanded to include restaurants outside Budapest.  

One star seven times

All the seven restaurants receiving a star in the 2022 guide have retained their award, so they can wear their star for at least another year. These seven restaurants are: Babel, Borkonyha Winekitchen, essência, Rumour and Salt in Budapest and 42 in Esztergom.

Seven Bib Gourmand awards

Seven restaurants received the Bib Gourmand award for good value for money in 2023, with six of them retaining the recommendation and one moving up:


Anyukám Mondta, Encs


Casa Christa, Balatonszőlős


Kistücsök, Balatonszemes


Macok, Eger


Mór24, Balatonfüred


Sparhelt, Balatonfüred


and the new one is Morzsa in Pécs


More and more green Michelin stars

In addition to Bib Gourmand, the Hungarian list brought a change in terms of green stars, as the four previously recognised restaurants were able to retain the sustainability award in 2023, and there is a new one on the list:


Almalomb, Hosszúhetény


Graefl Major Kétútköz, Poroszló


Onyx Műhely, Budapest


Salt, Budapest


and the newcomer is Villa Kabala in Szigliget


Hungary's newest Green Star restaurant, Villa Kabala, works exclusively with ingredients from its own vegetable garden and from local farmers. They make their own bread, jam, ham and beer, and they have an exclusive family winery on the hill opposite.

The number of Hungarian restaurants in the Michelin guide has increased to 59.


The 14 newcomers are as follows:


Bobajka, Tarcal


Botanica, Dánszentmiklós


Csopaki Resti by Laurel, Csopak


FLAVA, Budapest


Fricska 2.0, Budapest


GÓRÉ, Kisharsány


MoszkvaTéЯ Bistro, Budapest


NOON, Balatonfüred


Piac 42, Esztergom


SHO Restaurant, Budapest


Solid, Budapest


Tati, Budapest


White Salon, Budapest


Zincenco Kitchen, Budapest