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Where culture and nature come together: the Upper Tisza region

Water mill in TúristvándiTúristvándiTokaj and Nyíregyháza

The north-eastern tip of Hungary is a real cultural and natural paradise offering many adventures, thanks to the protection provided by the rivers “winding” through it.  

Tiny Bereg villages within arm’s reach of each other, and the unspoilt landscape in between, are enough to guarantee that you won’t be bored for a moment in the Upper Tisza region. The inviting coastline, the perfect tranquillity and the dams that tempt you to go cycling will ensure that you won’t want to be inactive for even a minute. Choose one of the authentic accommodation options in the region and from there, conquer the wilderness. 

In search of millennia-old treasures

The Upper Tisza region is a land of hidden treasures, smiling saints and medieval churches. These are best explored by bike. Hop in the saddle and ride to the 250-year-old water mill in Túristvándi and briefly take on the role of millers. Admire the barefoot “Notre Dame” in Tákos or the late Romanesque church in Csaroda, rising proudly from the stream’s floodplain. In Vaja, the Renaissance-style castle of one of the oldest noble families boasts a unique ceiling fresco and the mansion is surrounded by a park of sculptures lined with ancient trees and offering crisp fresh air.  

“Jump” into nature

It’s an old truth: the landscape always looks different when viewed from the water. It shows a much more exciting face. And you can really get to know this landscape by paddling in a canoe. Take a day and paddle along the slowly winding Öreg-Túr. An old tree leaning over the river here, a flock of grey herons suddenly rising up from the reeds there, while golden sandy beaches tempt you to go swimming. Give in to temptation. 

The orchard of the country

No room for modesty here: Szatmár has the most delicious plums in the world. So it would be a shame to miss the plum tasting houses on the Szatmár-Bereg Plum Route from Penyige to Panyola. Taste their jams, get to know the flavours of the dried fruits, and smell the latest brews while leaning over the home-distilled pálinka


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