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There are many art galleries, museums and world-class works of art to visit, both in Budapest and all over the country. 

The National Gallery, for example, is home to the largest public collection of fine arts in Hungary.


Helikon Castle Museum, the museum of Festetics Palace in Keszthely, has a carriage exhibition where you can see contemporary coaches and sleighs, while the hunting exhibition displays trophies of wild animals collected from five continents.


Victor Vasarely was a key figure in op art, kinetic and international geometric abstract art, whose works are displayed in the inspiring exhibition of 20th century artists in the Vasarely Museum.


There is also a world-class art centre in historical central Debrecen: the MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre.


The Ludwig Museum, located within the walls of MüPa, is the only contemporary art museum in the country that exhibits international works as well.

Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery in Buda Castle is the largest public collection of Hungarian fine art. Its thematic and historical exhibitions introduce visitors not only to the different periods of Hungarian art history, but also to the country’s past.

Helikon Palace Museum

All of us have imagined what it would be like to live as a member of the aristocracy – to wander among the labyrinthine, lavishly decorated rooms of castle, to stroll around the garden with its giant palmery between grand soirées, to select transportation from dozens of horse-drawn carriages.

Vasarely Museum

The Vasarely Museum in the centre of Pécs showcases the work of Hungarian Victor Vasarely, the most prominent representative of op-art.


The MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen, 230 km from Budapest, showcases 20th century and contemporary works of art by Hungarian and international artists.

Ludwig Museum

The Ludwig Museum is located in the Müpa building on the south Pest Danube bank, and exhibits only contemporary international and Hungarian art. It’s one of the 12 Ludwig Museums worldwide.

Museum of Fine Arts

What the Prado is in Madrid, the Louvre in Paris, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the National Gallery in London, the Museum of Fine Arts is in Budapest. Masterpieces from antiquity to contemporary art.


WONDERS OF HUNGARY: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BUDAPESTWe have launched a mini-series entitled Wonders of Hungary, occasionally presenting our country's beautiful treasures in about a minute to inspire you. Welcome to part 13, in which we roam the halls of the impressive Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.
Wonders of Hungary: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Wonders of Hungary - Müpa Budapest
Wonders of Hungary: Deri Museum, Debrecen
Wonders of Hungary: Buda Castle District

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