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Tokaj and Nyíregyháza for Seniors - 1 day

Tokaj and Nyíregyháza
How long it takes?
1 day
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public transport
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Tokaj and Nyíregyháza
Day 1
Castles, rivers, wine and traditional gastronomy in eastern Hungary

World Heritage Wine Museum

Whenever people in other countries talk about Hungarian wine, they are most likely referring to ‘tokaji’. The former beer house is home to the museum of the World Heritage wine region, which you should visit before or after the unmissable visit to the wine cellars in Tokaj, combined with a tasting.


Acetánia Vinegar Museum

Grapes are sour in Bodrogkeresztúr. Joking aside, it is only the vinegar that is sour here, and it even has a museum. Before you visit it, you will find it hard to imagine what an interesting and healthy condiment vinegar can be and how many different varieties there are.


Sárospatak Castle

The best known of the Rákóczi family estates, it is the most popular sight in Sárospatak. One of the most beautiful works of late Renaissance architecture in Hungary, and home to the relics of the famous family. You must have seen it on the 500 HUF banknote several times, so why not visit it in person?


During your visit

Édes szamorodni

Szamorodni and the Aszú wine are closely related, though there are differences in how they are made. During harvest, whole grape bunches are picked for the former, while the latter is made from individually handpicked grapes. If you are visiting Tokaj-Hegyalja, then sooner or later you will get to taste Szamorodni.


Szatmári stuffed cabbage is the no. 1 dish during the winter holidays in Hungary, which is prepared in a special way in Szatmár, the eastern corner of the country. The stuffing for the cabbage bundles is made of smoked meat and cornmeal mush, and every household in Hungary has its own rituals and family legends related to making stuffed cabbage.

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