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Cross the beautiful Buda Hills with the special Children's Railway.

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Are you visiting Hungary with your family? In addition to discovering the many captivating sights of the capital and the healing thermal baths, pick a activity that is special in a completely different way: Travel with the Budapest Children's Railway, which connects the beautiful excursion spots of the Buda Hills. Did you know that this is the longest railway line in the world where children sell tickets and work as conductors? 

Where can you get with the Budapest Children's Railway?

Visit the excursion spots of the Buda Hills, while you and your family see the vehicles and facilities of the Children's Railway up close, not to mention the work of the children who provide the service. The mini train, which crosses the Buda area, is a real specialty: A few years ago it even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest railway line in the world where children do everything (except drive the trains).

The Children's Railway runs between Széchenyi Hill and Hűvösvölgy. It will take you to... 

  • the Budakeszi Wildlife Park full of friendly animals,
  • the Elizabeth Lookout, at the highest point in Budapest,
  • adventurous forest trails,
  • the Chairlift with its beautiful view,
  • Normafa, a place popular with tourists,
  • safe forest playgrounds,
  • thought-provoking sacred shrines,
  • the exciting Csillebérc adventure course,
  • and the Children’s Railway Museum, where you can learn about the history of the mini train
  • in an interactive exhibition.  

Railway - from children for children

The Budapest Children's Railway runs for 11.7 km, which takes about 40-45 minutes. The special feature of the mini train is that the conductors are children and they can test their talents in all the other roles too, except for driving the train. Don’t worry: the kids do several months’ preparation and, of course, adults coordinate the work.

Travel with this really special mini train: Explore the sights of Buda! If you arrive on special days of the year, you can also take part in various events that add colour to the exciting mini train experience: Try the Santa Claus trains, watch the children’s day programmes or be a part of a Halloween experience in the autumn.

You can find the schedule of the Children's Railway on this page.