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Fun for the Kids

Budapest - Spice of europe
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Budapest has a range of fun activities on offer for adults, but don’t worry if you’re traveling with children. There are adventures to be had and life-lasting memories to be made, even for the youngest. All out fun or an entertaining learning experience? The city has it all.

Miniversum is a 1:100 miniaturization of Budapest and certain parts of Hungary, giving you the chance to see even the rooftop details. Control traffic, try visual and sound effects or take charge of the alteration between day and night.


The Budapest Zoo located near Városliget has a collection of animals on display to rival that put together by Noah. This is the best place to see a giraffe, a lion, or even a wolverine up close.


The Museum of Science, Technology and Transport features vehicles from horse-drawn carriages to the steam engine all the way on to real life-sized helicopters.


Visiting John’s Hill (János-hegy) is a great outdoor activity. Enjoy the beauty of nature in the summer, while in the winter this area is awesome for sledding and building a snowman. It can be accessed with the youth-operated Children’s Railway, or even the ski lift for the best view of the city.


Budapest Eye at the center of the city is an enormous Ferris wheel that reveals the intricacies of the Budapest skyline. The three-revolutions-in-one ride will give you the chance to soak in all the sites.


The Csopa Science Center (sometimes referred to as the Palace of Wonders) is an enormous playhouse: more than 100 games and displays teach kids science in an entertaining, interactive way. Nobody minds if the children touch the exhibits here. In fact, that’s the whole point. Info materials are also available in English.


Tropicarium gives the experience of beholding sea life from the bottom of the ocean, yet in perfect safety with a walk-through aquarium section. Learn about all six species of sharks and the stingrays that you’ll see swimming above your head.



Aquaworld is guaranteed fun in all seasons for young and old. Water slides, outside and indoor pools are available, as well as a special playhouse for the children.


The Budapest Puppet Theater is a unique venue tailored especially for children. The adorable stories told through the loving performance with the medium of a puppet is certainly an enjoyment for everyone.


Városliget, beside its proximity to the zoo and the circus, is often the site of fairs and impromptu playgrounds on holidays and weekends. Try one of the rides and enjoy some cotton candy.


The Szentendre Skanzen, or open air museum is just an hour from Budapest and gives visitors a chance to learn about rural Hungarian life in a playful way. Kids can try various handicrafts, learn about the past ways of life, or marvel at the wildlife in the local mini-zoo.


The Bear Farm in Veresegyház is also a short trip form the capital and is a unique concept in Central Europe. It is a wildlife preserve that allows observing the animals in their natural habitats. The animals, mostly bears and wolves can roam around freely, so the farm is a great and exciting place to learn.