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Love walks and romantic excursions

Bory CastleSzékesfehérvár Greater Budapest

Are you looking for a date that radiates the atmosphere of romance at every step? Would you like to go on a trip with the love of your life, but choose a destination, where you could even pop the big question? Here are the best destinations in Hungary.

Székesfehérvár, Bory Castle

Jenő Bory, designer and owner of the castle, did not so much consider his work a castle but rather as a living, habitable sculpture, one of whose ideological centres is the Chapel of Marital Love. The architect purchased the land for the castle in 1912, and from then until his death in 1959, he continuously beautified his edifice, which also experienced the devastation of World War II. The residential tower symbolizes Jenő Bory's family, wife and three children, but there is also a 100-column courtyard with statues of the greats of Hungarian history, a rose garden, and a gallery guarding the treasures of Hungarian art. You can wander around in the romantic castle for hours, with a different surprise meeting you every step of the way.

Fonyód, Crypt Villa

One of the attractions of Fonyód commemorates a tragic love story. Ödön Abrudbányai-Rédiger erected the memorial villa for his former love, Magdus, who died shortly before their wedding. Ödön could not forget his love, so in 1941, already a family man, he built this Mediterranean-style building and placed in it a marble-carved wedding bed, with Magdus’ and his own statues in it. He also wanted to bring Magdus’ ashes here, but this plan was thwarted by World War II. 

Vácrátót, National Botanical Garden

You will find the most beautiful romantic walks for nature lovers in this internationally renowned botanical garden. But it is not only romantic walking trails leading in the embrace of flowers and trees that will entice you here, but also the exotic plant species that can be admired in the greenhouse and rock garden. The plants of the Bible are presented in a unique garden composition. If you’re planning a multi-hour walk, pack a picnic basket as well, as you can even have a romantic picnic in the park’s outdoor dining area. 

Arboretum, Vácrátót

Gödöllő, Grassalkovich Palace

It is no coincidence that Gödöllő is called the city of weddings and wedding nights. The best-known and most romantic monument in the town, located 30 km from Budapest, is Grassalkovich Palace, which is the largest Baroque castle in the country and was also a favourite holiday destination for Sisi, the wife of Franz Joseph I. Visit the museum’s interesting exhibits, taste traditional pastries in the café, and take a stroll in the shady park, which has an intimate atmosphere in both winter and summer. It is no wonder that Gödöllő is the venue for one of the biggest wedding exhibitions each year. This is definitely a place to consider if you have wedding plans in mind.


The wonderful landscape alone makes this town a destination for lovers, so it is no wonder that the area abounds in romantic dating venues. The rushing waterfall, which turns into an icefall in winter, is a deep lake at the confluence of the Szinva and Garadna Creeks, where you can sit in a boat, while the caves and the chairlift will also give you the opportunity to spend an intimate hour or two with your loved one. You can even enjoy a romantic picnic at the top station on the chairlift, but you can also taste the trout that the restaurants in the area are known for in Lillafüred.