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Unique and interactive experiences await at the Bükk Observatory

Bükk ObservatoryRépáshutaEger region

Spend a day under the spell of the Sun at the Bükk Observatory, which offers unparalleled opportunities in our country to learn about the solar system and the stars in an interactive way. Watch a planetarium show, admire meteorites from the Moon and Mars, or take a VR space trip. 

The permanent exhibition at the Bükk Observatory’s Astronomy and Natural History Visitor Centre focuses on the Sun and the stars. This is where you’ll find one of Hungary’s largest meteorite collections, including some special pieces of lunar or Martian origin. You can also handle rocks from space. What’s more, you can also enjoy the visual spectacle offered by the Wonders of the Sky show in a 50-seat planetarium. And if you fancy a “space trip”, a VR room lets you launch off on a two-person mission to a Martian canyon, the surface of the Moon or the International Space Station. 

It’s also a great place for astronomical observations, as it is 635 metres above sea level, so the stars from here have a much sharper image than from the Great Hungarian Plain. In the Bükk Observatory, you can also see a special telescope located in the astronomical dome. The telescope is a device made for astrophotography, but is also a visual instrument for scientific observations of planets and other stars in our solar system. 


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