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On land, on water and on two wheels: unmissable experiences around Lake Tisza

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Lake Tisza is the second largest lake in Hungary. And it’s almost a popular as Lake Balaton, as its wild water world, natural treasures and diverse entertainment opportunities offer adventure and relaxation for all ages.

Lake Tisza, which is 50 years old this year, could also be called the oasis of the Great Plain. The lake has an area of 127 km² and is located in Eastern Hungary. It offers visitors unforgettable experiences on both land and water. Picturesque landscapes and fascinating wildlife unfold before you with 50 species of fish and 200 species of bird. In addition, you can choose from nearly 100 attractions and activities, so there are active and relaxing things to do for everyone. We’ve listed seven great things to do.

1. Walk on the Tiszavirág (Mayfly) Nature Trail

Mayflies are a special attraction of Lake Tisza. This little insect has become a Hungarian curiosity, because nowadays Lake Tisza is the only place where they live in large numbers. The nature trail is easily accessible by boat and welcomes visitors in both winter and summer. The second half of June is the best time to come though because this is the mayfly mating season. The insects swarm during this period, creating a beautiful sight on the surface of the water. However, it is also worth visiting at other times because the sight of the charming otters is also captivating.

2. An interactive activity for young and old: Lake Tisza Eco-Centre

The Eco-Centre presents the natural treasures and wildlife of Lake Tisza in an interactive way. Europe's largest freshwater aquarium is located here, and in the 3D cinema you can see how the lake changes with the seasons. You can also learn about the area’s native animals, including red foxes, mouflons and the European roe deer. The Eco-Centre is exciting for young and old alike, so you shouldn’t miss it.

3. Lake Tisza from above

You can admire the fabulous view of the lake from three lookouts, which each bear the name of a local bird. The Fattyúszerkő (Whiskered tern), Küszvágó csér (Common tern) and Bölömbika (Great bittern) Lookouts are accessible by water, so it is worth using a motorboat, a canoe or a SUP. This way you can see a new face of Lake Tisza from 9 metres up. In 2021, Bölömbika was awarded the title Lookout of the Year.

4. Kangaroo Park, Tiszaderzs

Australia may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Lake Tisza, but the Kangaroo Park in Tiszaderzs provides a little down under flavour. In addition to the kangaroos, which give the park its name, visitors can also admire various Australian birds, alpacas, and meerkats, like Timon from The Lion King. Although you can’t pet most of the animals, who wouldn't want to get to know some of the park's inhabitants from close up? The petting ZOO offers exactly this opportunity with lots Cameroon sheep and pygmy goats. 

5. Undisturbed rest on Álompart (Dream Coast)

Although Lake Tisza is famous for its picturesque natural landscapes, its artificial beaches welcome holidaymakers with similar beauty. Perhaps the most atmospheric is Álompart, located in Tiszanána-Dinnyéshát. As the name suggests, the beach offers tranquillity with its green surroundings and sky-blue water. In addition, the area offers many active recreation opportunities, and you can explore it by pedal boat, kayak or bicycle. However, if you would rather take a well-deserved rest, you will not be disappointed either, as the lush surroundings of the shore, which gets gradually deeper, will sweep you off your feet.

6. No room for boredom at KalandPart (Adventure Coast)

You can have a special experience and adventure park in Sarud. Lake Tisza looks like a sandy seaside at this spot, and the largest water playground in Central Europe is also located here. Trampolines, slides and a thousand forms of entertainment are offered to adventurous adults and children alike.

7. Bicycle tour spiced up with a gastronomic experience

If you are not a fan of water sports, you can explore the most beautiful sights of Lake Tisza on two wheels on a shorter (65 km) or a longer (90 km) route. And if you want to stop for some real Hungarian food on the way, ask for a lángos, a fish soup or a catfish stew. You can rent a bike in several places, but don't panic if you aren’t as fit as you would like to be, because you can also rent an electric bike.