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You will enjoy a memorable trip to the four iconic castles of Eastern Hungary

Füzér CastleFüzérTokaj and Nyíregyháza

In addition to the much-seen and well-known sights of Hungary, it is also worth going to some spots that you might not have thought about visiting until now. You can go on some really special and memorable trips. Explore the castles beyond the River Tisza and fly back to the past in your imagination. 

Diósgyőr Castle

It’s not by chance that the castle has earned the title of one of the most beautiful in the country. It is built on a rocky hill rising from the valley of the Szinva Stream, with a moat surrounding the walls, towers reaching into the sky, and with the largest knight's hall in Central Europe. The fortress is surrounded by the forests of the Bükk mountains that are rich in wildlife, so the surrounding area is also worth a visit. The building became fell into ruin over the centuries. It was reconstructed in the 2010s so today it faithfully presents the life of kings and queens who once lived here. You should stop and see the queens' bedroom next to the castle’s St. Hedwig's chapel, and you can try archery or visit the blacksmith’s workshop. Visitors to the Miskolc area can also attend various cultural events, including chivalric tournaments.

Eger Castle

Every Hungarian has probably heard of Eger Castle, even if they have never been there before. Géza Gárdonyi's famous novel helps you imagine the heroic defenders of the castle on the walls. If you want to admire it in person – and you most probably do – then head to the city of bull’s blood wine. When you arrive at the castle hill, you are immediately greeted by the monumental Gergely bastion and Hippolyt gate, and you can admire inside the reconstructed copy of the fire wheel and read the list of names of the castle's defenders. During the reconstruction, which started in 2019, the Varkoch gate bastion was fully restored to its 16th-century state, the solid wooden gate with the original elevator structure was renovated, and a contemporary guard room was created on the upper floor. You can also take part in interactive activities, including film screenings and the creepy prison exhibition. 

Füzér Castle

This is one of Hungary's most magnificently situated castles. Standing in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, right next to the village of Füzér, on a 552-meter volcanic hill, it offers dozens of interesting things to do. Behind the whitewashed walls, you can see the Holy Crown divided into parts, the mystery of Füzér's coins is revealed, and you can also get a glimpse into the history of castles in the Carpathian Basin. The castle area is also home to a furniture exhibition, where you can actually try out the pieces, not just look at them. The special feature of the castle is the chapel that was built in late Gothic style. Its beautiful stained glass windows show important female figures in history. Masses are also celebrated in the chapel, which anyone can attend after entering the castle. The settlement of Füzér also has other interesting things to offer: country houses, an 18th-century Reformed church and the Nagy-Milic Nature Park Visitor Centre welcome hikers.

Sárospatak Castle

One of the country's best-known castles is located in Sárospatak, on the banks of the River Bodrog, in the Northern Hungary region. It is well known because this castle can be seen on the back of the Hungarian 500-forint banknote and also because Sárospatak is the country's most important site for remembering Rákóczi. This great late Renaissance monument is such a popular site that the Rákóczi exhibition in the building received the Museum of the Year award in 2003. The central attraction of the castle is the five-story Red Tower, which you can take a guided tour of. The 17th-century "Sub-Rosa balcony" is an eye-catching sight at the edge of the castle's northeastern corner bastion: it was named after the rose on the painted vault of the round-shaped balcony room. The monumental building is separated from the castle garden by a moat, and you should also visit the outer castle wall as it offers an unparalleled view of the River Bodrog and the castle complex.