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The geography of Hungary is extremely varied: from the Great Plain to Hortobágy, the foothills of the Alps, Lake Balaton, Lake Hévíz (the second-largest thermal lake in the world), the Bükk Mountains and caves, Hungary has it all in the Carpathian Basin.

Hortobágy National Park is the real and true ‘Hungarian puszta’, the oldest national park in the country. Lillafüred is one of the highest and the most picturesque parts of Miskolc, and the best mountain holiday resort.


You will definitely fall in love with the panorama of Badacsony and Lake Balaton when you sit by the grapevines and admire the view: truly an experience you will never forget.


Approaching the lavender fields in full bloom on the Tihany peninsula, while you pass by beautiful rows of grapevines with Lake Balaton in the background, is wonderfully romantic.

You can discover most of the unique Tapolca Lake Cave from a boat. Let’s face it: being underground is an extraordinary experience.

Walk around the mythical land of Hortobágy

While you are in the vicinity of Hajdúság, visit Hortobágy, where you can relax on the porch of the 300-year-old Hortobágy Inn and take in the enormous grassy steppe, while sampling the shepherds’ traditional dish of slambuc (a combination of pasta, potatoes and bacon).

A fairy-tale world: picturesque Lillafüred 

If you’re seeking a destination in Hungary, we wholeheartedly recommend Lillafüred: here, your only ‘problem’ may be putting the wonderful sights that this place has to offer in your order of preference. Head to Bükk, head to Lillafüred!

Badacsony: home of breathtaking panoramas

If you’re looking for spectacular panoramas and a stunning landscape, your perfect destination in Hungary is Badacsony on the banks of Lake Balaton. Check out your choices!

The Tapolca Lake Cave

Are you looking for something to do with your loved one, your friends or your children maybe? Something that is sure to be an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and would be a perfect stop during your travels in Hungary? Head to Tapolca Lake Cave!

Dazzling lavender fields await in Tihany 

Are you looking for an experience that relieves stress, gets you out of the rat race, is in a beautiful location, and even envelops you in an intoxicating cloud of scents? Here’s a tip for you: head to Tihany on the shores of Lake Balaton, where wonderful lavender fields await.

Gemenc Forest

The largest contiguous floodplain forest in Europe, it is located 130 km south of Budapest, along the Danube. This protected wilderness is 30 kilometres in length, with a unique ecosystem. It can be traversed by bicycle, canoe or forest railway.

WONDERS OF HUNGARY - HORTOBÁGY NATIONAL PARK - "THE PUSZTA"We have launched a mini-series in 2020 entitled Wonders of Hungary, occasionally presenting our country's beautiful treasures in about a minute to inspire you. Welcome to the next episode, in which we show you Central Europe’s largest steppe, the mythical land of Hortobágy.
Wonders of Hungary - Hortobágy National Park - "The Puszta"
Wonders of Hungary - Lillafüred
Wonders of Hungary - Volcanic remnant hills
Wonders of Hungary: Tapolca Lake Cave and the Mill Pond

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