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Take it slow in Budapest

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While the city never sleeps, there’s no reason to take in all that it has to show you in a rush. If you take your time, you’ll learn and experience more of Budapest and its intricacies. You can do this on your own, making your own discoveries, or there are also those who will guide you along the way.

Budapest's extensive subway network is an essential part of getting around the city. Ever-innovative Budapest was the first on continental Europe to have an underground, the Millenium Underground is even featured in our “Spice of Europe” movie The various stations and tunnels are still mysterious and are filled with interesting facts. A leisurely guided tour along the stations can tell you all you may want to knowand a whole lot more.


Walking down the Duna Corso, the riverside section on the Pest side in the central area of the city, has so much to offer. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage, this area has some of the most notable landmarks of the city, a great view of the Castle District and the Chain Bridge, passes by the magnificent Vigadó concert hall building and offers you a chance to take a selfie with some of Budapest’s favorite statues.


If you’re up for another leisurely stroll along the Danube, head out to see the National Theater and its sibling cultural institution, the Müpa the Palace of Arts. This stretch of the riverside is very peaceful with few people but does offer a grand view of the river and the theater building.

The City Park (Városliget) is a favorite destination in Budapest for those wanting a relaxed stroll. Birds chirping, people having a picnic or playing ball, while the entire area is green and covered in flowers, which in the warm season is enough to forget that you're right in the middle of a major city.


Budapest offers plentiful hiking trips to the hills and forest surrounding the city, where you can join in with the dedicated fanbase. Some do it competitively, others just enjoy a walk surrounded by nature. The various treks are usually broken down into sections, so you can choose the distance that best fits the shape you’re in, and it is even a fun challenge to do with your kids.


The fall season opens up a garden discovery tour. This organized walking occasion brought to you by Imagine Budapest allows you entrance into the secret gardens of private buildings and state institutions that all have a story, but are normally closed to the public. Learn about the animals that live alongside us in the city, as well as the stories that are in the benches and the walls around us. Other companies like Hosszúlépés and Underguide also offer various themed walking tours that are a bit out of the ordinary.


Füvészkert is a true gem of Budapest, a botanical garden that lies hidden in the middle of the city. This is the place to learn about thousands of varieties of plant life. In its heyday, it was home to more than 12,000 plant species. You can explore for yourself using a mobile app or opt for a guided tour.