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Győr and Pannonhalma

Panoramic cityscapeGyőrGyőr and Pannonhalma

Venture into the city of rivers: Győr and its environs, a plethora of miracles to be discovered. Hungary’s north-western region is rich in natural treasures and monuments: the city of Győr and Pannonhalma Abbey, as well as the wildlife in Szigetköz are sure to enchant you.

Zoo and the Raba Quelle in Győr

Leisure and recreational activities for the whole family. Meet a white tiger at the zoo, while a wide array of adventure pools ensures entertainment at the local spa.

The Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma

A historical memorial place, and at the same time a vibrant religious centre that still operates today, where it’s hard to forget which age we live in.

Romantic Szigetköz is the gift of the Danube

Hop onto a bike or grab your hiking boots and head for Szigetköz, whose peaceful villages and natural treasures let you enjoy some great relaxation.

Short rides and long trips along the Danube

The cycle paths of the area are easy to explore, even for families. Visit the villages of Szigetköz or glide on the EuroVelo 6 cycle route following the Danube.


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