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Budapest is a favorite among performers of various arts and for good reason. The history is undeniable and musicians and writers have been coming to the city to get inspiration and perform for long decades. This legacy carries on to present day; no wonder world-class acts are more than happy to perform at a Hungarian venue.

Budapest’s Music Academy, named after legendary composer Franz Liszt (known to Hungarians as Liszt Ferenc) is a world-famous conservatory and concert hall. Composers like Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók created here and it is now a world-famous academy drawing the best talent from around the world. The building was erected in 1907 in Art-Nouveau style. Its interior is richly decorated with frescos, stained glass, and mosaics and its concert hall is considered the most beautiful of its kind in Budapest.


The Hungarian State Opera is a neo-Renaissance masterpiece, it has the third best acoustics in Europe after the Scala in Milan and the Opera Garnier in Paris. The Opera ranks high on many visitors’ bucket lists, both for the building’s stunning design and for the high-quality performances that are held amid its stately settings. The building is a visual treat that you can enjoy by taking a guided tour, if you prefer not to sit through a performance.


The Vigadó is an emblematic arts complex that is home to several disciplines and genres. For centuries it has featured the work and talent of internationally-known sculptors, painters and musicians and is to this day one of the most prestigious Budapest venues.


The A38 is a truly special venue that attracts the best acts in all genres of music. It is a decommissioned boat on the shore of the Danube with a restaurant and several stages. The fun experience of being at a concert on a boat is unforgettable for audiences and performers alike.


Hungarians have an undeniable role in starting up filmmaking, having been present from the start and playing key roles at the birth of Hollywood. The culture has also taken hold in Hungary, where the Korda film studio and the magnificent backdrop of the city make Budapest a regular in the filmmaking calendar, so you could very easily bump into a famous movie star while walking around town.

Budapest rapidly developed into a festival capital in Central Europe. The Sziget summer festival along with other entries to an incredibly busy festival calendar show how much the best pop acts, along with trend-setters of electronic and world music, like to play this legendary venue. Turnout at Sziget comes close to half a million at times and the event has received numerous recognitions over the years; most recently it received the European Festival Awards “Line-up of the Year” title for its 2017 program.


Budapest’s active cultural life is perfectly symbolized by the many theaters that are packed every night, whether it is a classic play or a modernist niche show. Given the locals’ enthusiasm for the art form, it is no wonder that theaters large and small alike often welcome guest collectives to showcase their acts.


The Hungarian capital’s reputation as a cultural center is unquestionable, so it is no wonder that the city’s emblematic museums regularly display some of the most valuable collections. The same adoration can be felt among contemporary artists, who are all too happy to have their work presented at a niche art gallery or even in a ruin pub.


Culture being an integral part of Budapest's everyday life, it is celebrated by the many festivals throughout the year, whether its dedicated to Beethoven with a reputable lineup of international musicians, or one of the book fairs where the authors are only too happy to sign an autograph or two.


The rapid development of modern culture culminates in the National Theater and its sibling institution, the Müpa, or Palace of Arts. Boasting outstanding acoustics, this performance hall has featured many of the world’s best classical and world music performers, while it also functions as an art gallery to present outstanding art works and photography.