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Five hiking trails in the vicinity of Budapest to add to your bucket list

Rám GorgeGreater Budapest

You don’t have to give up on hiking even if you only have half a day to get away from the capital, given that there is multitude of shorter and longer routes to choose from that you can get to with a few hours of travelling.

Holdvilág Trench

Wandering in the Holdvilág Trench – situated in the Visegrád Mountains – is the perfect opportunity to practise mindfulness, since you will need to hike on a truly special path that will require absolute focus. Although it is called a trench, it is actually a stream bed. The path leads up to the Domini spring where, according to the notes of Anonymus, Prince Árpád was buried. The trail goes through a cave, where various archaeological findings were discovered and you can then continue your way along the path by climbing the 10-metre high Meteor ladder. This is not where this challenging trail ends, since it stretches on through the Weiszlich Cave and Canyon right up to the Gyopár spring. If you decide to test yourself and dive into this adventure full of historical memories, but you’re not an experienced hiker, you should avoid days after it has rained, when the terrain can be much more dangerous.

Visegrád Mountains

Gyada Educational Trail

The educational trail in the Gyada meadow on the northern part of Naszály Hill is ideal for family hikes, even if visiting with small children. There are various opportunities to rest along the way. The trip includes 13 rest points and can be completed within two to three hours, but the short, 6-kilometre distance is far from boring. Despite what the name suggests, you will not only need to pass through meadows, but swing and cableway bridges as well, while you can cross the marshes on tree trunks. You can read lots of information and fun facts on the natural features and on the flora and fauna of the area at the rest points. If you need to take a break, you can have a picnic and even build a fire, if you want, at the Giants’ Resting area.

Spartacus trail

One of the most popular hiking trails in the Visegrád Mountains was established by hunters in the 1930s, because they wanted a footpath where they could move around as quietly as possible. Hikers have also been allowed to use the footpath since 2015. The serpentine route traversing the mountainside and providing an extraordinary panorama to the Danube river is the most charming section of this trail. During the trip, you can also explore the rocks preserving the volcanic origins of the mountain and check out the Jenő Cabin, said to have been built by Miklós Horthy in honour of his younger brother. The building now functions as a shelter. Passing through Apátkút Valley, you can see both the Ördögmalom waterfall and the Alpár spring, however, the trail also leads to the Telgárthy meadow. If you have the time, don’t miss out on the Miklós Bertényi Botanical Garden either.

Dera Gorge

Dera Gorge – located in the direct vicinity of Holdvilág Trench – may be the right choice if you are with a small child, because this trail can be finished in an hour and is easy to complete for beginners as well. In the area near Pilisszentkereszt, you will need to cross plenty of wooden bridges on your way, but despite a few steeper parts, you’ll find only a slight incline along the way. Unlike other hiking trails, it is worth visiting after rainfall, because during a dry period you won’t be able to witness the trickling stream of the gorge. One of the main characteristics of the rocky landscape may be the endless piles of rocks covered in moss. You’ll also find a resting area called Szentkút where, on the one hand, you can enjoy the silence and beauty of nature, and on the other, you can also find drinkable spring water which, according to the legends, has healing power. If the trip in the gorge is not exhausting enough for you, you can add climbing Hosszú Mountain to the list. It is well known for its panoramic views, as from its peak you can spot the Buda Hills, Kevély Mountains and Hármashatár Hill as well.

Rám Gorge

Without a doubt, Rám Gorge is one of the most visited hiking locations i Hungary, so if you’d like to enjoy the calmness of nature, make sure you find time to visit Dömös out of season. The routes starts out on an asphalt road, making sure you have time to prepare for the 280-metre incline awaiting you in the gorge valley. No need to worry though, since the steep terrain was completely renovated in 2013, with rails and ladders to make the trail safe for hikers. Reaching the top of the Rám Gorge, you can get back to Dömös downwards through the Lukács Trench or you can continue hiking in the direction of Dobogókő, or if you chose to head to Szakó Saddle, you can also visit the Júlia spring.