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Tokaj and Nyíregyháza

Discover the majestic flavours and history of a wild and romantic landscape!The region of Tokaj, Upper Tisza, and Nyírség stretches along three national borders in Hungary’s northeast. This is an undeniably diverse region, where there are attractions and activities for everyone.

Experiences not to be missed

This region offers lovers of culture and history interesting attractions and programmes. Discover the historic castles of the Zemplén Mountains, an experience available even as a walking tour, the renovated forts in Füzér and Szerencs, and the Rákóczi Castle in Sárospatak!

The birthplace of the wine of kings

The first written record mentioning the vineyards of Tokaj-Hegyalja dates from 1251, while in 1737, a wine classification system was introduced in the area.

Adventures in the Zemplén Mountains

The tourist trails located in the central section of the Zemplén Mountains – rich in fortresses and castles – occasionally traverse forests that appear untouched by man.

Family programmes in and around Nyíregyháza

Nyíregyháza and the surrounding area offer numerous programmes and daytrip destinations ideal for families with small children. You should not miss out on the Nyíregyháza Zoo − offering an all-day-long experience −, selected as Europe’s Best Zoo in 2015.


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