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Greater Budapest
Advent is a wonderland, wherever you go in Hungary
The Advent period not only fills the streets with light on ever-lengthening evenings, but also brings warmth and joy to people’s hearts.
Let’s get on the water near Budapest
Fans of water sports do not have to go very far from the capital to engage in their favourite activity. Both beginners and professional kayakers and wakeboarders all have access to amazing locations in both the capital and its surrounding area.
Enjoying the beach and taking part in water sports on Hungary’s lakes
Pursuing your favourite water sports and diving into the cooling waters of the largest Hungarian lakes? It’s a wonderful activity for a hot summer’s day. What’s more, you have plenty of options available to you at various natural beaches.
On the water, in the water, freely: the country’s lakes and rivers await you with water sports
Water sports make you feel free and close to nature. You can try them wherever you go in Hungary.
10 reasons why you should visit Hungary’s 10 national parks
Despite its smaller size, Hungary has countless wonders to offer for hikers. The country’s 10 national parks all have their own charms. Let us help you discover the country’s varied and diverse landscapes.
5+1 wonderful cycle paths in Hungary
The best thing about cycling trips is that they can be completely tailored to your needs. It’s up to you what distance to conquer each day, how many days the trip should last, where to stop and rest and what attractions to visit. There is one thing in common in almost all of the trips: you can ride through breathtaking landscapes. We are here to show you the very best.